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Recycled Blue Jeans.

May 13, 2013 -- 7:39am

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!  And a great weekend!  We had a lot of fun in the studio last night as we announced the top four qualifying bands for the Local Produce Battle for June Jam.  It stacked up like this:


4. Sticky Longfinger’s and the Rusted Butter (http://www.stickylongfingers.com)

3. Elwood (http://www.theelwoodband.com)

2. Snarky Dave and the Prickly Bluesmen (http://www.snarkydave.com)

And finally, Boneyard (http://www.returntoconey.com) who pulled in 134 votes more than any other band.  Boneyard raked in 336 votes in 1 week.

We also gave honorable mentions to two bands that just barely missed out on the top 4.  Silvertung, out of Baltimore, MD (http://www.silvertung.com ).  And Easton’s own Black Dog Alley. (http://www.reverbnation.com/blackdogalley). 

The top 4 bands will be reviewed over the next week by June Jam staff.  I am going to send them the single mp3 I received from each band.  The band’s bio and website information, as well as the final vote count that band received in the poll.  I don’t expect the final result in this to vary between now and then, in all honesty.  You gotta give the people what they want.  The winner will be announced this Sunday night at 9pm in our Local Produce June Jam Special.  We’ll be highlighting winner’s from our Battle for June Jam over the past 5 years including: Chowderfoot, Petting Hendrix, Perception and Abacus.  The winner of our Local Produce Battle for June Jam will be playing the opening slot at the 35th Annual June Jam: Delaware’s Best Outdoor Concert.  Their set will start at noon.  If you want to get tickets or lock down a campsite (they may be sold out at this point...) Go to http://www.junejam.com

I get quite a few requests for a list of what I played on Local Produce each week.  I figure this is an easier way to do it, I’ll post it here:

Local Produce 05.12.13

-         June Jam Interview

-         Silvertung – Déjà vu

-         Black Dog Alley – Tied Down

-         Sticky Longfinger’s and the Rusted Butter – Your Lovin’

-         Elwood – You Don’t Know

-         Snarky Dave and the Prickly Bluesmen – Caucasian Blues

-         Boneyard – Destination 13

For the previous week for the Local Produce Break which is heard weekdays at 2:30pm:

( 5/6 )Mon. – Boneyard – Destination 13

( 5/7 )Tues. – Sticky Longfinger’s and the Rusted Butter – Your Lovin’

( 5/8 )Weds. – Life On Repeat – Forgotten

( 5/9 )Thurs. – Perception – Live it Up

( 5/10 )Fri. – Elwood – You Don’t Know

Hope that helps.

Now that you know, let’s talk about some other stuff.  I haven’t had any coffee yet this morning, but for some reason recycled blue jeans seem to be an evasive topic.  From time to time I recycle them.  I don’t mean tore up from the floor up ready to give them to Goodwill recycling.  (by recycle, I mean wear them more then once without washing them.)  It’s kind of the perfect description for Captain Blue’s Grass Band.  It has a definitive ring to it… “Captain Blue’s Grass Band : Recycled Blue Jeans.”  Comfortable, yet slightly stankin’. I want to thank everyone who contributed to yet another great weekend of music making, as always you all make it worthwhile (Washington St. Pub, Sticky Longfinger’s, Mr. Todd, Mr. Rose, Hemp Wrapped Bus, and everyone else who made the trip out!).  The Grass Band and I will be out and about again this weekend.  Friday, May 17th we’ll be at 33 West in Dover, DE, and Saturday May 18th, we’ll be heading to our favorite local brewery, Tall Tales Brewery in Parsonsburg, MD.  Hopefully we’ll see a lot of friendly faces as these will be our last shows in the month of May.  Here’s a video to inspire you:



Now, go have a great day!

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