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Local Produce Battle For June Jam

May 20, 2013 -- 7:11am

Where did Monday come from?  I was having a great weekend.  I still want to try and petition the White House to extend Sunday into Monday and make Sunday a 48-hour day.  We’ll just ignore what the Sun is doing.  I think Friday and Saturday should merge too.  That way we wouldn’t have to technically work until Tuesday.  But, would we call it Tuesday? Or would it then be referred to as Monday?  Then, Thursday would become our Friday.  So then, do we refer to it as Thursday still?  Or Friday?  I think the world would be more productive if we kept Tuesday, Changed Wednesday to Thursday (Thirst-day.) And changed Thursday to Friday.  Obviously, I haven’t worked out all of the kinks yet.  (If you’re reading this and you’re completely lost, don’t worry.  I’m joking.)

Thanks to 33 West Ale House in Dover, DE and Tall Tales Brewing Company in Parsonsburg, MD for having Captain Blue’s Grass Band this weekend.  We had a great time!  We’re off until June, but hopefully we may have an album ready for you all soon!

Local Produce last night was fun too, as we announced the winner of our Local Produce Battle for June Jam.

If you missed the show, here’s what we played:


Nothin’ But Trouble – Candle (From a Live Acoustic In-Studio Performance)


Shades Of August – Justified


Chowderfoot – Run for Your Lives


Petting Hendrix – Zombie


Perception – Live It Up


Boneyard – Destination 13 (Local Produce Battle for June Jam Winner!)


Snarky Dave and the Prickly Bluesmen – Caucasian Blues


Elwood – You Don’t Know


Sticky Longfinger’s and the Rusted Butter – Your Lovin’


Pony Bones – Into the Fire (Captain Blue’s Pick of the Week)



Last week for the Local Produce Break at 2:30pm, I played the following:

Monday: Elephino – Pepper (Live)


Tuesday: Snarky Dave and the Prickly Bluesmen – Caucasian Blues


Wednesday: Joshua Rose – Chugga Chugga Choo Choo (From a Live Acoustic In-Studio Performance)


Thursday: Elwood – You Don’t Know


Friday: Red Angel – My Own Disease



I would also like to thank Another Lost Year (http://www.anotherlostyear.com ) for stopping by the studio on Friday and performing a few songs for us!  Check them out if you get a moment, here is the music video for their song, War on the Inside:



Again, Congratulations to Boneyard (http://www.backtoconey.com ) You can see them at this years June Jam (http://www.junejam.com )  Camping is almost sold out!  Make sure to go get your tickets!  I’ll be giving away a pair over the air this afternoon, so tune in!

I’ll be spinning a new tune from Blackwater (http://www.facebook.com/blackwater21613 ) today for the Local Produce Break at 2:30pm.  Good Stuff!

What else...  I bought a new drill this weekend.  Pretty excited about that.  It's the little things...

Industry secrets...

May 16, 2013 -- 9:28am

Oh, lord… it’s Thirsty Thursday!  I hope all is good with you and yours!  My life is no secret, my hobbies, my job.  Ya’ll know what’s up, right?!

Obviously, I’m on the air on 93.5 The Beach, Monday-Friday from 10am-3pm.  Then Sunday nights at 9pm I host an hour of local music we call, Local Produce.  Besides that, I’m a very enthusiastic musician, just a step above hobbyist, really.  But I get a lot of questions about playing everyday.  So today, let’s talk about some guitar playin’!

I can’t tell you how many times in a given week, or at a show, I get requests for certain songs.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told, “I love the way you play it!”  Which is always nice.  It’s always followed by the dreaded question, “How do you do it?”  Truth is, I don’t know…  I’ve been involved with music all of my life, from playing to recording and everything in between.  There are really very few tips I can offer as far as playing goes, and yes, I know, I’m not a GREAT musician.  But, I do know how to play, and I have a good time doing it.  Here are a few basic tips to help you along whether you’re just starting out, or have been playing your whole life:

1.)    SMILE!  It’s really not that hard.  If you’re not having fun, you need to pack it up.

2.)    Tone.  I’ve heard a lot of different theories on how certain people play… from Hendrix to Garcia, from Slash to Orianthi.  Truth is, you’ll never be able to reproduce their tone.  You have to develop your own playing style over time.  Find your own strengths and play to them.  Obviously a lot of your tone is coming from your gear.  However, a lot of people don’t consider the effects of their fingertips when playing.  I’d say probably 85% of your tone comes from the attitude you apply to your playing and is reflected through your fingertips.  If you think a certain part of a song should sound aggressive, put yourself in that mindset, and allow your guitar to do the talking via your fingertips.

3.)    Strings.  A lot of people seem to think you need a $3,000 guitar to sound good.  No way.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, expensive guitars are generally hand-made out of very very nice tone-woods.  But a $3,000 PRS through a $250 amp is going to sound like a $3,000 guitar through a $250 amp…  If you can’t play guitar, it’s not going to sound good either way.  However, I’ve found that one of the great tricks to developing your own tone, no matter what the price of the guitar you’re playing, is string gauge.  You can always switch out your pick-ups, your pots, your bridge, etc.  Yet, if you’re consistently using cheap strings; your $3000 guitar is going to sound, well, cheap.  There’s nothing wrong with cheap strings, but you should know that string gauge will effect your sound more than anything else in your rig.  I already told you how your fingertips affect your tone, consider how the strings feel to your fingertips.  Find ones that are comfortable to your fingertips and your tone will improve ten-fold almost overnight.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different brands and gauges.  If you’ve used D’addario forever, and you think your tone is ok, just try a few different brands.  You can always go back to D’addario’s.  Hendrix & Clapton both used .009’s.  I can’t touch anything on my electric that’s less than a .012 personally.  On my acoustic I use .013’s.  If you’re going to up your string gauge and you’re not knowledgeable about setting up your guitar properly, take it to a local shop and have them do it for you.  That will save you a lot of heartache down the road.  On my acoustics, I’ve used .012’s for years, but I never liked the sound, I felt like my tone was hollow.  So using the same brand I’ve grown to like, I simply up’ed the gauge to a .013 and I can’t believe how thick the guitar sounds.  Beautiful!  And easy as pie.

4.)    Theory.  You have to learn how to walk before you can fly.  Associate yourself with music theory, you don’t have to know everything… that’s pretty impossible.  But know the language and your conversations, (remember, your guitar is just you talking..) will become much more complex and concentrated.

5.)    Practice.  It doesn’t really matter what you sit down to practice.  Scales, chords, songs, doesn’t really matter.  Just sit down and apply yourself.  Study the theory, try different approaches when playing and like I said early, develop your own style by playing to your strengths.  If you think you have no strengths, then practice until you develop some.  You think Tommy Emmanuel picked up a guitar and just started busting this out:





HELL NO!  He practiced.  I know this is some basic stuff, but hopefully it helps some of you along a bit with your playing.  If you want some tips on other stuff, like soloing, improvising, choosing a guitar, music theory, etc… Hit me up at captainblue@mail.com and I may discuss it in a future blog.  Thanks ya’ll!  Have a great Thursday!


May 15, 2013 -- 8:23am

It's Wednesday.  Coffee : Check, Guitar : Check, Whiskey : hmmm... That is all.  Cue vidya:


Good luck with the hump!

I'm hungry.

May 14, 2013 -- 7:46am

I made a tremendous pot of coffee this morning, but I haven’t had any quite yet. I do hope my fellow employees decide to leave just a little bit in there for me. It may end up quite the opposite, in which I hope they get some before I get to the pot. Either way, there should be some coffee.

I’d like to put together a list of open mics and keep up with it, if you or a venue you play at hosts open mic, please let me know. I know they’re generally on Wednesday and Thursday nights so I’d like to get them up here and see where everyone is headed. If you’re an aspiring musician, open mic night should be your favorite night of the week. You get to get out of the house, and play in front of other people, plus share playing tips and tricks, meet good people with similar interests, and you may even find someone you can jam with. It’s one of the best ways for someone to boost their musical vocabulary. I recommend them, and still try to attend new ones all the time.

While I’m somewhat on the subject of local music, check this out:


Nate goes by Elephino, and knowing Mr. McCormick, this was all done by him. No other musicians. Simply amazing. If you get a chance to see Elephino this summer, I highly recommend that as well. It’s good for the soul. Matter of fact, I think I’ll spin this today for my Local Produce Break at 2:30pm.

(I played Snarky Dave and the Prickly Blues-men’s “Caucasian Blues” yesterday, check them out at http://www.snarkydave.com )

Here’s a vidya as to not break from tradition:


Happy Tuesday!

Recycled Blue Jeans.

May 13, 2013 -- 7:39am

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!  And a great weekend!  We had a lot of fun in the studio last night as we announced the top four qualifying bands for the Local Produce Battle for June Jam.  It stacked up like this:


4. Sticky Longfinger’s and the Rusted Butter (http://www.stickylongfingers.com)

3. Elwood (http://www.theelwoodband.com)

2. Snarky Dave and the Prickly Bluesmen (http://www.snarkydave.com)

And finally, Boneyard (http://www.returntoconey.com) who pulled in 134 votes more than any other band.  Boneyard raked in 336 votes in 1 week.

We also gave honorable mentions to two bands that just barely missed out on the top 4.  Silvertung, out of Baltimore, MD (http://www.silvertung.com ).  And Easton’s own Black Dog Alley. (http://www.reverbnation.com/blackdogalley). 

The top 4 bands will be reviewed over the next week by June Jam staff.  I am going to send them the single mp3 I received from each band.  The band’s bio and website information, as well as the final vote count that band received in the poll.  I don’t expect the final result in this to vary between now and then, in all honesty.  You gotta give the people what they want.  The winner will be announced this Sunday night at 9pm in our Local Produce June Jam Special.  We’ll be highlighting winner’s from our Battle for June Jam over the past 5 years including: Chowderfoot, Petting Hendrix, Perception and Abacus.  The winner of our Local Produce Battle for June Jam will be playing the opening slot at the 35th Annual June Jam: Delaware’s Best Outdoor Concert.  Their set will start at noon.  If you want to get tickets or lock down a campsite (they may be sold out at this point...) Go to http://www.junejam.com

I get quite a few requests for a list of what I played on Local Produce each week.  I figure this is an easier way to do it, I’ll post it here:

Local Produce 05.12.13

-         June Jam Interview

-         Silvertung – Déjà vu

-         Black Dog Alley – Tied Down

-         Sticky Longfinger’s and the Rusted Butter – Your Lovin’

-         Elwood – You Don’t Know

-         Snarky Dave and the Prickly Bluesmen – Caucasian Blues

-         Boneyard – Destination 13

For the previous week for the Local Produce Break which is heard weekdays at 2:30pm:

( 5/6 )Mon. – Boneyard – Destination 13

( 5/7 )Tues. – Sticky Longfinger’s and the Rusted Butter – Your Lovin’

( 5/8 )Weds. – Life On Repeat – Forgotten

( 5/9 )Thurs. – Perception – Live it Up

( 5/10 )Fri. – Elwood – You Don’t Know

Hope that helps.

Now that you know, let’s talk about some other stuff.  I haven’t had any coffee yet this morning, but for some reason recycled blue jeans seem to be an evasive topic.  From time to time I recycle them.  I don’t mean tore up from the floor up ready to give them to Goodwill recycling.  (by recycle, I mean wear them more then once without washing them.)  It’s kind of the perfect description for Captain Blue’s Grass Band.  It has a definitive ring to it… “Captain Blue’s Grass Band : Recycled Blue Jeans.”  Comfortable, yet slightly stankin’. I want to thank everyone who contributed to yet another great weekend of music making, as always you all make it worthwhile (Washington St. Pub, Sticky Longfinger’s, Mr. Todd, Mr. Rose, Hemp Wrapped Bus, and everyone else who made the trip out!).  The Grass Band and I will be out and about again this weekend.  Friday, May 17th we’ll be at 33 West in Dover, DE, and Saturday May 18th, we’ll be heading to our favorite local brewery, Tall Tales Brewery in Parsonsburg, MD.  Hopefully we’ll see a lot of friendly faces as these will be our last shows in the month of May.  Here’s a video to inspire you:



Now, go have a great day!


May 10, 2013 -- 7:09am

I woke up this morning, started sippin' on a cup of hot joe, began to develop a thesis in my mind as to what I should post today.  Then, it hit me... IT'S FRIDAY!  I aint postin' nothin!   Have a great weekend everyone!

(I'll be at B&B Music in Salisbury, MD tonight for a few hours, maybe a parking lot jam...  Then tomorrow if you've got nothing going on join me in Easton, MD at the Washington Street Pub at 10pm for Captain Blue's Grass Band and Sticky Longfingers and the Rusted Butter... Gonna be a hoot.)

Here's a video of myself, Mr. Nate Clendenen, and Sticky performing together at Tall Tales Brewery's Mudapalooza!



Have a great weekend everyone!

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